There are currently two english tutorials available for MemBrain:
  1. One tutorial is included in the HTML help of MemBrain (just press F1 in MemBrain and you will find your way to get there). This is a beginners tutorial for taking the very first steps with MemBrain.
  2. The second tutorial is a more advanced tutorial that is based on a time series prediction example using the Mackey-Class chaotic time series. It is included in the help file that comes with the net-examples download package available on the download page.

Also of very good use when working with MemBrain is the comprehensive context sentitive HTML help. It is accessible through a press on the F1 key at every time from within MemBrain.

Besides these help sources, please also refer to the MemBrain User Forum which is available as a central contact point for questions and project related help.


For commercial applications it may be beneficial to perform an initial on-site workshop based on your data and with respect to your specific neural network application task. For an initial (free of charge) assessment if this could make sense in your concrete case and with respect to a potentially related quote please feel free to directly contact me.